Results without compromise – quality without compromise.


Achieving the correct results often requires countless repetition. As a researcher, you place the highest demands on yourself, your work and your results. It’s our mission to deliver equipment that is equally uncompromising.


The Hei-VAP Core impresses with its superior ease of use at the highest quality level. Excellent workmanship and premium-quality materials meet carefully considered features specially developed for the needs of our users. The result is a new generation of rotary evaporators – a simple to operate, highly robust premium device that immensely simplifies your daily work.


Turn the operating knob on the left to simply and precisely adjust rotation speed.
A brief push down on the operating knob starts or stops the rotation. Activate the
lock feature to prevent inadvertent adjustments. The white light indicates rotation activity.


Regulate the heating bath temperature with the operating knob on the right.
This can also be locked to a specific value, thereby improving user safety and protecting
the substance against unwanted adjustments. When the LED ring is continuously orange,
the heating function is active. When the function is deactivated and in standby mode, it
blinks to warn against the danger of burning from residual heat in the heating bath (when above 50 °C).



High-class protected.


The use of proven, glass-bead strengthened materials makes the intuitive control panel impressive thanks  to its excellent dimensional, chemical and thermal stability. To protect the electronics, it is splash water protected in accordance with IP 42. The optional extension cable even allows you to place the control panel outside closed laboratory hoods.



Protection class control panel

IP 42

Protection class heating bath

IP 67



The universal heating bath possesses many safety- relevant features. The isolating double wall prevents heat loss and burns.

The power socket meets the high standards of protection class IP 67 to systematically exclude the possibility of corrosion,

short-circuits and associated ignition sources.


Various requirements, various opportunities.


The right configuration for any application: hand or motor lift, diagonal condenser, vertical condenser or cooling with dry ice, coated or uncoated. The Hei-VAP Core is available in numerous configurations. We are happy to advise you personally on your individual configuration.



Height adjustment

155 mm

Height adjustment speed

30 mm/s


Hand lift
The cost-effective alternative with intuitive one-handed operation.




Motor lift
Use the control panel’s lift buttons  to easily and precisely adjust height.

Additionally, in the event of a power outage or pressing the standby button,

the lift automatically rises from the heating bath to protect your sample from thermal damage.




  • The ergonomically optimised heating bath handles sit securely in your hand
  • Their angled design allows you to empty the bath without adjusting your grip
  • A cover additionally prevents burning from the heating bath rim
  • The integrated pour spout ensures changing the bath fluid is done safely
  • The robust metal connection to the device base facilitates varying distances to the heating bath up to 200 mm.
    For flexible positioning of different evaporating flasks (up to 5 l)


by your side.


The road to the goal is often unknown and  rocky in research. Nevertheless, each day you overcome these hurdles while always looking forward. We want to honor your  potential, persistence and determination by providing you with tools on which you can rely.


Our contribution to this journey is helping you to maintain focus by providing robust and simple-to-use devices that, like you, know  no compromise regarding quality, endurance  and reliability.


“Research made easy” means that we sustain you on the road to discovery: a secure footing  on a rocky path.




3 years